Adiós al maestro Paulus Gerdes

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Con profundo pesar debemos transmitir esta noticia, confirmada por su gran amigo y colega Arthur Powell.

Paulus Gerdes passed away November 10, 2014, after struggling for two months with a severe illness.
He was Fellow, African Academy of Sciences (Headquarters Nairobi, Kenya, 2001); Vice-President for Southern Africa, African Academy of Sciences; Chairman, African Mathematical Union Commission on the History of Mathematics in Africa; President, International Studygroup on Ethnomathematics; Former President (Rector), Universidade Pedagógica, Mozambique; Former President, International Association for Science and Cultural Diversity. Fellow, International Academy of the History of Science (Headquarters Paris, France, 2005); Highest distinction “Prize for Excellence in Higher Education (Research and Teaching)” on the occasion of the commemoration of 50 years of Higher Education in Mozambique (2012); Bagamoyo Medal for Education and Culture (Mozambique’s National Assembly, 1989); Honorable mention, Alba Tahan Prize (Brazil’s National Book Foundation, 1991); Special Commendation, Noma Award Competition for Publishing in Africa 1996 («Women and Geometry in Southern Africa»); Outstanding Academic Book 2000, Choice Magazine, USA («Geometry from Africa: Mathematical and educational explorations»); Special mention, Conover-Porter Award, African Studies Association, 2006 («Mathematics in African History and Cultures: An annotated bibliography»)