Initial and Continuous Mathematics Teacher Preparation in Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela

icmiThis document is a summary of the works published in the Cuadernos. It is an excellent synthesis of the initial and continuing preparation for Mathematics Teaching in the four countries, from which comparative analyses can be made that show similarities and differences, and highlight various perspectives. I want to express my gratitude to all the authors from the various countries that have provided these valuable materials. This edition and the formatting of this document has been my responsibility.
The preparation and publication of this document constitutes a significant collective action that will strengthen the goals of the new Network for Mathematics Education in Central America and the Caribbean, and will help to strengthen the collaboration between teachers and researchers in the educational communities in our region.


Angel Ruiz 
Executive Director of the Capacity and Networking Project, Costa Rica 2012
General Director of the Mathematics Education Network for Central America and the Caribbean 
Vice President of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction 
President of the Inter-American Committee on Mathematics Education