ISGEm Newsletter: invitation

May 2021 Newsletter Issue of the International Study Group on Ethnomathematics (ISGEm)
If you would like to collaborate with the ISGEm Newsletter, please send your contribution in English, Portuguese, or Spanish, by May 5th 2021 for the publication of the next issue of the Newsletter in May 2021.
You can send:
a) articles (2-pages maximum – margins 2,5 – Times New Roman – space 1,5).
b) book reviews (1-page maximum).
c) information about conferences, study groups, ongoing research, meetings, journals, and others (1-page maximum).
These papers must be related to investigations in Ethnomathematics and the cultural aspects of mathematics.
Submissions and correspondences can be sent by email to the e-mail address:

Prof. Dr. Milton Rosa (President of ISGEm)