Ethnomathematics: Culture meets mathematics in the classroom, August 4-7, 2021 (fully virtual)

Ethnomathematics: Culture meets mathematics in the classroom

Description: As more institutions strive to present multicultural offerings, courses dedicated to or incorporating Ethnomathematics – the study of mathematical aspects of the cultures of different peoples – are becoming more popular. This session features talks that present research that has been successful in attracting and involving students in Ethnomathematics. Ideas and innovations in Ethnomathematics for its use in teaching are welcome.

Registration is open for MAA MathFest August 4-7, 2021 (fully virtual).

You are invited to submit an abstract to the Ethnomathematics Contributed Paper Session. The deadline to submit proposals is May 21, 2021.


Ximena Catepillan, Millersville University of Pennsylvania,
Janet Beery, University of Redlands,
Cynthia Taylor, Millersville University of Pennsylvania,