Ubiratan D’Ambrosio and Mathematics Education: Trajectory, Legacy and Future (Advances in Mathematics Education) 1st ed. 2023 Edition

From the Back Cover
This edited volume is written in memoriam of Professor Emeritus Ubiratan D’Ambrosio (1932 – 2021), who was a well-known Brazilian mathematics educator and historian of mathematics. This book explores the diverse facets of D’Ambrosio’s work as well as his legacy and the later adaptation of his ideas around the globe.

It starts with a preface written by his son, Alexandre D’ Ambrosio, who shares his personal experiences growing up with this father and his love for discovery. The book is then divided into four sections:
Past and Future: Ubi’s Way of Seeing Education in the Present
Roots of Ethnomathematics
Ethnomathematics in Action
Trends in Ethnomathematics
It features diverse points of view and experiences that explore mathematics and culture from researchers in the Americas, Africa, Europe and South Asia. Chapters range from personal explorations of D’Ambrosio’s impact to broader views of his research and work. This book forms part of the growing understanding of Ubiratan D’Ambrosio’s life, research, and the legacy he has left for millions of researchers, students and teachers worldwide.

This book is appealing to anyone involved in mathematics education research as well as those interested in the history and future of mathematics education.