First Announcement: 5th International Conference on Ethnomathematics (ICEM-5)

The Fifth International Conference on Ethnomathematics will be held in Chidenguele (Gaza Province, Mozambique), July 7–11, 2014. Ethnomathematics studies the mathematical ideas of cultural groups and the many interactions between mathematics, education and cultures.
The previous four ICEMs were in Spain, Brazil, New Zealand, and the USA. And now it comes to the African continent (but, of course, world-wide ethnomathematicians are all encouraged to come!)
Sunday July 6, 2014, will be reserved for the transport of the participants from Mozambique’s capital to Chidenguele, situated in a beautiful coastal region with lakes and dunes, 250 km northeast of Maputo. On Saturday morning (July 12), the participants will return to Maputo, where they can take part in a festival of Mozambican intellectual games in the afternoon. Participants can return to their home countries on Saturday night or Sunday, or later, if they want to stay in Mozambique for holidays.

The scientific activities of the conference will consist of plenary lectures, presentations, round tables / panels, workshops, poster sessions, and also of visits to schools in the Gaza Province. Participants are invited to propose topics or activities, including activities they will like to realise in the schools to be visited.

 Accommodation will be offered in lodges around the lakes and beach of Chidenguele.

 A web site for the conference will be created.

 ICEM-5 will be jointly hosted and organised by the International Study Group on Ethnomathematics (ISGEm), the Southern African Study Group on Ethnomathematics (SASGEm) and the Mozambican Study Group on Ethnomathematics (MOSGEm).

 Expecting to meet you in Mozambique for this great event,

 Sincerely yours,

 Marcos Cherinda & Evaristo Uaila (Coordinators MOSGEm,,
Abdulcarimo Ismael (Coordinator SASGEm,,
Paulus Gerdes (President ISGEm,